Every year customers want to know what the trends are in bathroom design so they can have a beautiful and stylish space in their homes. For the past few years home décor has lingered in the realm of gray with white tile to keep it classy and understated. While the new decade is just getting started, it’s safe to say that this trend is passing out of style.

The year 2020 is all about bold accents, an emphasis on the beauty in the materials used, and in reviving some vintage looks. 

Top Five Trends in Bathroom Design

If you are planning a bathroom remodel this year, you may want to consider incorporating a few of these design choices. At Luxury Bath of NJPA, we have a wide selection of products, exclusive patterns & colors, and accessories allowing you to create a personalized bath enclosure that is also a beautiful space.

1) Gold and Brass Fixtures

People are bringing back the classic style of polished brass or gold fixtures reminiscent of the handles and faucets on old sinks and freestanding tubs. It’s great when paired with an all-white bath enclosure to really highlight the eye-catching gold touches.

2) Wood Cabinets and Shelving

While wood doesn’t work as well in the bath enclosure, you can bring it back into the bathroom cabinets and shelving. These aren’t the same elaborately trimmed wood cabinets of the 90s, but sleek minimalist pieces with a Scandinavian feel to them.

3) Black and White is this Year’s Color Pair to Beat

Gray is so last year. Now black and white are the hot new color for bathrooms, especially black and white contrasting décor. Think white walls with black shelves and fixtures. Or go bold with black wallpaper and framed wall art. Enjoy this modern style trend and impress your house company.

4) Tile Patterns are Back

Lots of homeowners are starting to have fun with the many shapes and patterns available in tile this year. Look out for a wider variety of tile shapes including chevrons, hexagons, and scalloped patterns. You can use them in the floors, walls, and to create interesting backsplashes in the bath enclosure.

5) Spacious Showers and Baths

Speaking of the bath or shower enclosure, a previous trend is continuing in popularity this year too. Homeowners are going bigger than ever with overly large showers and baths. Some homes are even being remodeled with all tile patterned bathrooms and walk-in showers that give the impression of an entire room being devoted to the shower or bathtub.

Every homeowner has a different wish for their personal space. Whether you want to remodel your bathroom to the latest styles or prefer to go with a different decorating choice, Luxury Bath of NJPA can give you what you want. Simply call us or fill out our online form to begin with a free bathroom renovation quote today.