As we grow older, falling becomes a major concern. This is especially true in the bathroom area. Up to 80% of falls that occur in the home setting happen in the bathroom. Falling is not only a concern for the elderly but for people with disabilities or poor eye site. Fortunately, the desire to be safe in the bathroom has finally been heard! 

Accessibility Options

Making the bath and shower area safe in your home has become easier than ever. With all of our different accessibility options your independence to bathe yourself is yours to keep! We offer a variety of anti-slip tubs, roll-in showers, handheld shower heads, benches and grab bars that we can place wherever you see fit. With our simple, safe and effective accessibility options you'll feel secure again in one of the most high risk areas for falling. All of these options make bathing safer, easier and much more convenient. 

Take the Fear Out of Bathing

Luxury Bath is able to do a complete tear out, resolve any plumbing issues, then install your new bathtub or shower in as little as a day! That means your newly safe bathing area will be ready in no time at all! Our easy installation process will bring back the joy of bathing again. Call Luxury Bath NJPA at 1-800-351-4520 to schedule your free estimate today so you can finally take the fear out of bathing!