If you have a large bathroom or master bathroom in dire need of an update, our team of professional bathroom remodelers from Luxury Bath of NJPA are here to help. Our bathroom remodeling company is known throughout the industry for providing luxurious, top-quality bathtubs and showers, but we can do more. Our team has the resources to create large master bathroom bathing solutions that add elegance and opulence to your bathroom.

Larger Bathtub Options

Luxury Bath provides many customizable models of our standard 5 ft. bathtubs, but we have more options than that, including tubs that are 5’5”. With us, you can choose from a huge assortment of tubs and bathtub liners available in different widths, styles, and colors. We also have a range of wide and spacious walk-in tubs, which many clients have preferred.

Oversized Shower Options

If you want a big, luxurious shower, we say you should have one. Our shower bases are available in sizes up to 6ft. long and 4 ft. wide. In fact, our polymer shower bases provide an even more spacious showering experience, because they come in sizes up to 10 ft. long.

Of course, our team provides shower walls that match the size of your new and improved shower. You’ll be able to choose from different:

Tub-Shower Combo Options

Luxury Bath is more than happy to make accommodations for all parties who use the master bathroom. If it would be most convenient for you to have a standard, soaker, or walk-in tub installed in addition to a walk-in or roll-in shower, we would be more than happy to do that for you.

Combining Your Tub-Shower Combo into an Extra-Large Shower

Would you like an impressive and spacious oversized shower? All our team needs to do is replace a side-by-side tub and small shower with an extra-large shower space and custom-measured shower walls.

Impressive Number of Color/Pattern Combinations

Your master bathroom should be customized in a way that reflect your unique, individual style. Our bathroom remodelers do this by offering a plethora of color and pattern options for:

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